Our Team


Nirmaladhevi Prabhagaran, BAMS, Chief Ayurveda practitioner,

Ayurvedic Consultant

 Neelu has been practicing Ayurveda since 2007 following graduation from Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai. Her passion for Ayurveda has motivated her dual pursuits in both clinical practice and academia; while working with us as an Ayurvedic consultant she also worked as clinical trainer, Ayurveda  in  Middlesex University, London. She is well versed with current Ayurveda practices in UK, having worked at a number of clinical and spa locations. Her patient interaction skills are exceptional. Her area  of  expertise includes  musculo-skeletal, gynocological issues. She is well versed in prescribing Ayurvedic diet and home remedies. Marma (Pressure point massage) is one of her key specialities.



 C.G Steephan, BAMS
Ayurvedic Consultant

Steephan is a qualified Ayurvedic Practitoner and Yoga Teacher with a degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from the University of Calicut in Kerala. He has also taken Diploma in Yoga teaching from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram in Kerala. He has been practicing and teaching Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation since 1996 in India and abroad, with extensive experience in India, Seychelles and here in the UK. He is also the owner and operator of Namaste Ayurveda, our partner retreat in Kerala, India. Dr Steephan is an accomplished and consultant with vast knowledge of Ayurveda, and is devoted to healing people with chronic conditions. A true gentleman who delivers sound knowledge - and always from the heart.



Suresh Mohanan
Ayurvedic Therapist

Suresh’s reputation is unparalleled. Having trained at the distinguished Arya Vaidya Pharmacy under the guidance of the world-renowned Dr Vasudevan, he has a skilled and compassionate approach to Ayurveda, which has been perfected after more than 18 years in the field. He has a wealth of knowledge of Ayurvedic therapies, Panchakarma procedures, Marma points and Chakra balancing. He is incredibly passionate about spreading the word of Ayurveda to the masses, he is a valued member of our team and simply a fantastic therapist.



Reeba Ramachandran
Ayurvedic Therapist

Reeba is one of our most experienced and exceptional therapists, and has been a fixture at Ayuspa since 2006. She has a sixth sense in targeting pain receptors in the body and her magical touch is much loved by our many clients. She is a kind and compassionate soul and you will really feel her warmth as well as her expert massage following a session with her. She has global experience having worked in India, Russia and the Middle East, and she has an innate knowledge of Ayurveda and herbal beauty therapies. 



Vinoda Surendra
Ayurvedic Therapist




Mrs Thamilarasi Lakshman BPT, HCPC   Registered Physiotherpist

 Lakshman has been practising physiotherapy from 2006 after completing her graduation in Chennai, India.   She is committed, caring, friendly and passionate in pursuing her profession. A firm believer in assessing and providing bespoke therapy plans aligned to the patient needs. Her specialisation includes musclo-skeletal and orthro rehabilitation. She is registered with HCPC and has been practising her profession in UK from 2011. Versatile treating in-patients and out-patients in specialist clinics and hospitals. She did physiotherapy, pregnancy massage and tai chi courses in her pursuit for continuous professional development



Christelle Haegelsteen



CMA Certified ayurvedic therapist.






Manminder Dhami
Ayurvedic Therapist/ Ayurvedic Practitioner