Abhyanga Certificate

Training Certificate in Abhyanga - Full Body Massage

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Abhyanga is widely considered to be the 'pearl' of massages, and our certificate course in this ancient Ayurvedic art will enable you to become the ultimate massage therapist. You will not only be provided with detailed, hands-on knowledge from our in-house, India-trained therapists, but will also be given expert insight into the theoretical aspects of Abhyanga with its importance in Ayurveda a key highlight.

The course is comprised of 16 guided hours into the steps of the treatment, anatomy and physiology and also the theory behind the procedure.

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What Is The Course About?


The Abhyanga certificate course provides the learner with an expert practical and theoretical knowledge about the Ayurvedic treatment – Abhyanga – Full body massage.


What is Abhyanga?


Abhyanga is loosely translated into English as ‘Application of oil onto the body’ and is arguably the most important treatment in Ayurveda, India’s ancient system of medicine. Abhyanga is cleansing, relaxing, balancing and restorative Ayurvedic massage treatment with herbally medicated oils. It is a rhythmic massage that requires uniform pressure applied all over the body from head-to-toe which induces a wonderful sense of well-being and rejuvenation. It allows trans-dermal absorption of nutrients from the oils and herbs. Abhyanga supports the largest organ of the body (skin) to effectively eliminate toxins and nourish the tissues. This treatment can be adapted to treat a wide range of disorders and when performed regularly will arrest the signs of aging and keep the body detoxified.



What Are The Course Outcomes?


This Course prepares you to become the Ultimate Ayurvedic Massage Therapist. You will be expert in the art and science of Massage Therapy, together with anatomy and physiology and professional conduct and business awareness, which will prepare you for success in the industry of Complimentary Therapies.


How will you be assessed?


A range of assessment methods will be used including:

Observation of practical skills

Oral questioning

Written evidence

Completion of 10 case studies plus a theory test.


Who conducts the course?


Our expert resident Ayurvedic consultants will conduct the courses. There are different tutors for different specialities and our qualified Ayurvedic therapists are on hand for demonstrations.


Is there an examination fee?




Are there any additional requirements?


Reading materials – each participant will be given a manual of course notes at the commencement of the course.

Dress code – it is essential that a suitable outfit and shoes are worn on the course.


Am I getting any Certificate?


Successful trainees will be awarded a Certificate of participation jointly by the Ayuspa and CMA (Complimentary Medical Association). This certificate can be used for CPD (Continued Professional Development) points.


What are the timings?


Twice a week, once on a weekday evening and once on the weekend. Each session will be 4 hours long with one 20 minute break.


What is the total price for course?


The cost for the Abhyanga Certificate Course is £250.


Where can I get more information?


You can give us call on 02085772999 or 02089310301 or email on info@ayuspa.co.uk

Introduction to Abhyanga

Basic Introduction of Prakruti (Body Constitutions)

Introduction to human body

Anatomy of Skeletal System in detail

Ayurvedic view on skeletal system

Muscle attachments to bones

Knowledge of muscular attachment is immensely important for any massage therapist. We will give a detailed explanation about muscular attachments along with origin and insertions of muscles.

Demonstration and practical study of:

Abhyanga-Full body massage

Siro Abhyanga-Head Massage

Hasta Abhyanga-Hand Massage

Pada Abhyanga-Feet Massage

Kati Abhyanga-Back Massage

Marma Abhyanga-Massage with pressure points

Knowledge of Ayurvedic Massage Oils

Indications and Contradications of Abhyanga

Health and Safety