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Certificate in Sirodhara - Oil Flow on Head

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Sirodhara is one of the most important and beneficial treatments available in Ayurveda having been performed in India for over 5,000 years. It is a unique and subtle therapy using herbal oils specific to the individual and involves the continuous flow of oil to run down the forehead and specifically third eye.

Sirodhara aims to bring physical and emotional balance by rejuvenating the spirit and preserving health. It is traditionally used to calm the nerves, harmonize vata constitutions,  release stored emotions, and purify the mind.

Our Certificate Course in Sirodhara will also include training in the different versions of Dhara - namely Sarvanga Dhara, Thakra Dhara and Local Dhara.

The course is comprised of 16 guided hours into the steps and theory behind the procedure.

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What Is The Course About?

The Sirodhara certificate course provides the learner with an expert practical and theoretical knowledge about the Ayurvedic treatment – Sirodhara – Oil Flow On Forehead.

What is Sirodhara?

Sirodhara is an essential treatment in Ayurveda which promotes emotional, mental and physical well-being to the recipient. Sirodhara is a luxuriant and easy way to achieve instant calm and rejuvenation. It derives from two Sanskrit words: siro and dhara. Shiro means head and dhara means to flow. It involves the warm and consistent flow of aromatic oils on the forehead, specifically on the ‘third eye’. This is the chakra point just above and between the eyebrows. It is said to be the seat of human consciousness. The oils are allowed to flow over the scalp and through the hair, creating a blissful sensation.

As the oil strokes the third eye, it has a balancing effect on the deepest recesses of the brain, stimulating the endocrine system, the pituitary and pineal glands (for hormonal upsets) and pleasure neurotransmitters (for depression or emotional insecurity). The procedure is also said to synchronise alpha brain waves, enhancing blood circulation to the brain, improving mental clarity and generally releasing deeply trapped ama, or toxins.

In Ayurveda, it is considered an important tool in treating fatigue, mental exhaustion, anxiety, insomnia, some mental disorders, headache, excessive thinking, nervousness, and many other conditions commonly affecting persons in today's active lifestyle.

What Are The Course Outcomes?

The student will gain a deeper understanding and philosophy behind the treatment called Sirodhara - both the practical and theoretical aspects which are essential to know in order to perform the treatment correctly and effectively.

How will you be assessed?


A range of assessment methods will be used including:

Observation of practical skills

Oral questioning

Written evidence

Completion of 10 case studies plus a theory test.


Who conducts the course?


Our expert resident Ayurvedic consultants will conduct the courses. There are different tutors for different specialities and our qualified Ayurvedic therapists are on hand for demonstrations.


Is there an examination fee?




Are there any additional requirements?


Reading materials – each participant will be given a manual of course notes at the commencement of the course.

Dress code – it is essential that a suitable outfit and shoes are worn on the course.


Am I getting any Certificate?


Successful trainees will be awarded a Certificate of participation jointly by the Ayuspa and CMA (Complimentary Medical Association). This certificate can be used for CPD (Continued Professional Development) points.


What are the timings?


Twice a week, once on a weekday evening and once on the weekend. Each session will be 4 hours long with one 20 minute break.


What is the total price for course?


The cost for the Sirodhara Certificate Course is £300.


Where can I get more information?


You can give us call on 02085772999 or 02089310301 or email on

Introduction to Sirodhara

Types of Sirodhara and the Traditional Preparation of Medicines

Demonstration and practical study of:

- Siro Abhyanga - Head Massage

- Sirodhara - Oil flow on Forehead

- Sarvanga Dhara - Full Body Oil Flow

- Thakra Dhara - Dhara with milk

- Local Dhara - Oil flow on afflicted part

Introduction To Ayurveda

Basic Introduction of Prakruti (Body Constitutions)

Knowledge of Ayurvedic Massage Oils

Indications and Contradications of Sirodhara

Health and Safety