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10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 30% Memberships

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At Ayuspa we have created a range of cost-saving membership schemes for clients who wish to visit us regularly for their Ayurvedic health and well-being needs.

3 month Membership £150 spend 10% off all treatments

6 month Membership £250 spend 15% off all treatments

9 month Membership £500 spend 20% off all treatments 10% off all products

12 month Membership £1000 spend 25% off all treatments 20% off all products

18 month Membership £1500 spend 30% off all treatments 25% off all products

How it works:

Pay a minimum of any of the above amounts and we will hold the funds on account. Each time you visit us for any treatment on our menu, we will deduct the cost of the session from your account balance - with the percentage discount that applies to you.

For example, if you take out a 12 month  Membership and have one session of Abhyanga 60 min as your first session under the scheme, you pay £33.75 instead of £45 - that’s 25% off. We debit £33.75 from your account and you then have £967.25 remaining to use for any treatment on our menu. It’s that simple!

At your discretion, any of your family or friends network can share your Membership account and benefit from the wide range of Ayurvedic treatments we offer with the appropriate percentage discount added. And on the 9 and 12 month Memberships, you will also benefit with product discounts. With your instructions, we can also issue Gift Certificates to loved ones to whom you wish to treat under your account, which can be emailed or posted.

Membership Scheme Terms & Conditions:

1. Membership is available for 4 different time limits - 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.

2. Membership will commence on the day you pay the chosen Membership length and is to be paid in full.

3. You will have 3/6/9/12 months from the payment date to utilise all the funds held on your account on Ayurvedic treatment services and/or product purchases at any of our UK Ayuspa centres.

4. If any account balance remains unused after the expiry date, the funds will be null and void unless you activate the ‘rollover’ clause (see clause 5 below).  

5. If any account balance remains after expiry, you can ‘rollover’ any remaining funds by renewing the Membership and your new account will reflect any remaining funds from the previous term as well as your new balance. In order to ‘rollover’ any outstanding amount, full renewal payment of the chosen term must be made within 2 weeks of the Membership expiry.

6. The funds are held on our system and you may request a printout of your balance/treatment history at any time.

7. You are allowed to share your account balance with ANYONE. In order to verify third party usage, the Membership holder is required to inform us of the name and details of the client before they arrange an appointment.

8. If a refund is requested part way through a membership package this can only be allowed after contacting us in writing at stating the reasons as to why. Refunds will be calculated against any treatments already taken at their regular full price.

9. It is possible to freeze your membership for some time (maximum of 2 months) following purchase if you know you will not be around or due to any personal circumstances. This can only be agreed with us by telling us the reasons for your non-attendance and the likely time of your return.