Kesh Sringar

Herbal Hair Pack

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Hair fall, premature greying, dandruff and other hair problems are a growing problem in the west today. Factors such as stress, genetics, hormone imbalance, poor diet and chemical cosmetics could all play a part in damaging your hair and scalp - but we can help change that.

Our simple yet effective herbal hair pack has only pure herbal ingredients such as bhringaraj, amla and neem. First, the head is gently massaged with special hair oils to help stimulate circulation and remove any dead roots. Then we mix the required quantity of powder in curd for dry hair, water for normal hair or lemon juice for oily hair to make a paste. The paste is then applied hair and scalp and kept for at least 15 minutes. Once set, the pack is removed and washed off (though it is best to keep the pack on for at least 30mins).


If performed on a regular basis, Kesh Sringar will help arrest hair fall and encourage the growth of lustrous, healthy hair. Excellent for those with weak hair roots, for dandruff, dry hair or greying hair.

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