Mukha Soundarya

Ayurvedic Facial

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Our especially developed Ayurvedic Facial is a real treat for those who wish to improve their skin the natural way - using purely herbal products that have no chemicals, toxins or side effects.


There is a wide range of options to choose from in this five-step facial which includes a cleanse/scrub, face massage, face pack, steam and moisturise. The specific facial will be chosen by our Ayurvedic consultant to suit your particular skin type and/or condition. A truly natural beauty experience!

Benefits of Mukha Soundarya: Ayurvedic Facial


- Excellent for thoroughly uplifting and rejuvenating the skin
- Face pack is chosen to suit your individual skin type
- No toxic chemicals or side effects
- Provides a barrier against the toxins around us
- Regular sessions can help slow the aging process
- Restores tired and saggy skin
- Provides a natural, glowing lustre to the skin

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