Sarvanga Soundarya

Herbal Body Pack, Wrap & Scrub

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The word 'Sarvanga' means body and 'Soundarya' means beautiful. Essentially three treatments in one, Sarvanga Soundarya incorporates both the Herbal Body Pack and Scrub along with a body wrap using a special combination of herbs and mud to suit your body type.


Following the completion of the Sarvanga Vardhini treatment, we apply the herbal mud combination and seal the body in a special cloth wrap. The sweating action brought on by the wrap will not only purify your body but also tighten and tone your surface tissues. Once set, the wrap is removed and mud washed off during shower.


This intense treatment will leave you look and feeling refreshed, radiant and thoroughly recharged.

Benefits of Sarvanga Soundarya: Herbal Body Pack, Wrap & Scrub


- Total body beautification
- Ideal as a pre-function ritual
- Tones and lifts skin plus superficial tissues of the body
- Tightens and strengthens muscles
- Cleanses the surface pores and sucks out atmospheric toxins
- Improves blood circulation
- Provides a healthy glow inside and out

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