Sarvanga Ubtan

Herbal Body Pack

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‘Ubtan’ is arguably the world’s oldest cosmetic, first used by the ancient royals of India to enhance and maintain their radiant appeal.


Ubtan, which literally means ‘herbal paste’, is made from a select blend of Indian herbs, fruits and spices. In this version, the Ubtan is combined with a chosen powder to suit your Ayurvedic body type. For Vata (Air) types you can choose Almond and Milk Powder, For Pitta (fire) types it is Cucumber and Besin (Chickpea powder) and for Kapha types you have Orange and Multani Mitti (Fullers Earth). These are the suggested combinations, but your practitioner can also make other blends if there is a need to, ie if there is a specific skin/body condition that requires more attention.


The treatment includes a natural cleanse, the application of the Ubtan body type blend, followed by a herbal body polish. Sarvanga Ubtan excludes the face pack.

Benefits of Sarvanga Ubtan - Herbal Body Pack:


- Restores skin to its natural glow
- No chemicals so very kind to the skin
- Helps remove dead skin
- Improves blood circulation
- Good for sensitive skin

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