Sarvanga Vardhini

Herbal Body Pack & Scrub

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The word 'Sarvanga' means body and 'Vardhini' means uplifting or increasing. And this treatment is exactly that - increasing and uplifting the quality and tone of your body. The numerous benefits of Sarvanga Vardhini include lifting tired, saggy and dull skin, removing impurities and purifying the skin surface and also improving complexion. For Vata (Air) types you can choose Almond and Milk Powder, For Pitta (fire) types it is Cucumber and Besin (Chickpea powder) and for Kapha types you have Orange and Multani Mitti (Fullers Earth). The chosen Ubtan is then followed by an appropriate scrub which uses a chosen blend of herbs, sugar and/or salt. The treatment process is a natural cleanse, the application of the Ubtan body type blend, the body scrub, followed by a herbal body polish. Sarvanga Vardhini does not include a face pack.