External Vasthi

Herbal Oil Pool

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A unique Ayurvedic treatment that involves a specific region of the body being soaked in a ‘pool’ of warm, medicated oil. A dam of herbal dough is 'built' on afflicted area, is filled with oil and then left to rest - relieving localised pain, tension and swelling. Leaves the region in question feeling extremely nourished.


For back, it is called Kati Vasthi and relieves chronic and acute backaches, muscle spasms, prolapsed disc, lumbar spondylosis, osteoporosis and sciatica.


Neck is Greeva Vasthi and is good for spondylosis and various cervical problems. Also can be adapted for frozen shoulder or nerve impingement.


For knees it is Janu Vasthi and is good for osteo arthritis and osteoporosis. Can be use to aid in the recovery from knee injuries such as ligament strain.


For chest it is called Uro Vasthi and is good for respiratory disorders. Improves blood circulation and can even be good for heart conditions such as cardiomyopathy.


Chakra Vasthi acts on the solar plexus (stomach area) and balances the digestive system - treating stomach complaints, indigestion and constipation.

Benefits of External Vasthi: Herbal Oil Pool


- Useful for a range of conditions when placed on specific part of the body
- Kati Vasthi is for back complaints
- Greeva Vasthi is for neck problems
- Janu Vasthi is for knee issues
- Uro Vasthi is for chest
- Chakra Vasthi is for stomach and digestion
- Can be combined with oil massage (Abhyanga) for ideal results

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