Internal Vasthi

Ayurvedic Enema

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Selected herbal oils or liquids are inserted into the rectum and allowed to absorb. Less intrusive than colonic irrigation, Ayurvedic enemas offer an effective, gentler alternative to cleanse the body from the toxins that cause health problems. It helps in clearing the lower part of the GI tract & is the best remedial solution for vata dosha complaints. Good for a wide range of health complaints.

Benefits of Internal Vasthi: Ayurvedic Enema


- Used primarily as part of a Panchakarma procedure to detoxify and cleanse the body
- Paralysis
- Arthritis
- Back ache
- Constipation
- Neurological disorders
- Avascular necrosis of bones
- Dryness of the body
- Atrophic conditions of the muscles

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