Herbal Nasal Infusion

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Herbal oils are applied through the nose, usually for a daily period of 6-7 days. Nasya is excellent for hayfever and nasal allergies and can also be used to treat certain kinds of headaches, sinusitis, tonsillitis, facial paralysis, and eye diseases.

If there is congestion or swelling inside the nasal passages, Nasya can clear and soothe, and the oils can act as a barrier to infections.

The treatment can be accompanied by a face and sinus massage along with other inhalation techniques to aid the therapy.

Benefits of Nasya: Herbal Nasal Infusion

- Soothes and clears nasal passages
- Can treat a variety of ENT problems
- Especially useful for sinusitis
- Protects from infections and allergies
- Can treat sinus headaches and migraine

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