Pada Abhyanga

Leg & Foot Massage

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A stimulating yet soothing massage of the legs, feet and ankles. Prevents dryness, cracking and numbness, relieves fatigue, sciatica and cramps; contraction of ligaments and muscles around the feet and legs. Aids in the recovery from sprained ankle ligaments and fractures. Also effective in the treatment of swelling due to diabetes, heart conditions and fluid retention. 

What's more, as nerves from the body’s organs end in the feet, massaging the foot’s various pressure points harmonises the entire system.

Available in three different time lengths - 20 min, 30 min or 45 min.

Benefits of Kati Abhyanga: Back massage

- Can be adapted to suit a wide variety of conditions
- Application on the marma points in the feet help stimulate the bodies other systems
- Helps poor blood circulation, reduces swelling
- Good for weakness in the legs
- Helps strengthen muscles and bones
- Encourages healthy elimination of harmful toxins
- Especially helpful in arthritic conditions and general degeneration as a result of ageing

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