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Powder Massage

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Udvarthana is a deep, dry and exfoliating massage using a fragrant blend of herbal powders designed to break down fatty deposits on the body. The powder is vigorously worked into the body to give firmness and tone to the skin as well as to nourish the outer tissue layers. This treatment exfoliates, conditions and cleanses the skin while helping to extract stagnant lymphatic toxins from the body. It is designed to remove excess subcutaneous fat by 'liquefying' and 'burning' it.

Powder massage helps reduce obesity, combats cellulite and refreshes the body. It also refreshes the skin, activates the body’s natural metabolism and improves the lymph flow. Used mainly a part of a safe weight-loss programme with diet and exercise, a 10-15 session course is highly recommended. The treatment is usually performed by two therapists for maximum effect.

Our Partial Udvarthana is a focused therapy designed to treat a specific part of the body.

Benefits of Udvarthana: Powder massage

- Highly effective weight loss treatment
- Enhances strength and stability the body organs
- Helps to soften skin and improve complexion.
- Improves circulation
- Tones and tightens skin
- Cellulite busting body treatment
- Lymphatic drainage for toxin removal
- Increases metabolic rate
- Rebalances lymphatic system
- Gives a sense of a lightness to the body
- Especially beneficial following childbirth to shed extra weight

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